So there's a few topics on which I feel I have learned a thing or two about, the kind of learning that takes years. Maybe you don't care, maybe it's not applicable to you, but I'ma write it down nonetheless.




There is a ton of health advice out there. A lot of it is bad. It is somewhat a curse of modernity that we have so many options of things we might do with our body that we lose sight of the basics. To my mind, there's, what, two essentials about health.

The first is that although the human body adapts to its environment, such adaptations are always constricted within a bandwith. Seems obvious right? So if you're a lightweight, you can eat and train all you want, you'll never be a heavyweight. Might put on a few kilos, but that's it. The same principle goes for muscle strength, stamina, flexibility and so on. You can train your body to become better in those areas, but their is a limit to your body's plasticity. Generally your body will indicate when you've hit that limit -- listen to what your body says! If you exceed your body's bandwith, injury is inevitable. Most injuries heal, but some do not and become lifelong weaknesses.

For this reason also sports are often dangerous, not healthy. No one is as often injured as an athlete. Still, keeping this shortcomings in mind, competitive sports are a lot of fun and lifting weights is the best habit you could have.

The second essential is that, when in doubt, let the body take care of itself. Modern medicine is shit. Well OK, some of it is excellent. I've had my eyes lasered and it is absolutely amazing. There's lots of medication that is also amazing. In very specific circumstances. But generally, on the day-to-day, healthcare services grossly overestimate their capabilities. Doctors overprescribe harmful drugs, physical therapists give advice while not even knowing how to squat, and surgeries are invasive and take a serious toll on the body. Most procedures just aren't good for you -- longterm side-effects tend to outweight the intended effect. Turns out that when the human body is concerned, we are still greatly ignorant and much less further removed from the 'theory of the four humors' than we'd like to think.

Related to this, I stay away from drugs, unhealthy food and other additives. Not a complete abstainer, it's just that moderation in food is a virtue. Candy, soda, coffee, fast-food, processed foods, all the stuff that is addictive, I am wary of. Similarly I take very few vitamins or pills. Not that I am against experimentation with that stuff, it's just that I tried some of it, never felt like it made a noticeable difference. And when in doubt, let the body take care of itself. I know Jim has a different take, he uses vit D, cycles HRT, and takes a daily spoon of the following concoction:

I tried his concoction and got immediate stomach cramps. Isn't biology strange.




Yes we've covered women. But I can say a little more on the subject from my own experience. I am now together with my woman for near a decade. And although I am far from perfect, our relation is strong and healthy. This is of course wholly because I practice everything that has been preached in what I've wrote before. I will add one thing onto that though. I'm a big fan of the book 'Man of Steel and Velvet' by Aubrey Andelin. It's a book on how to be a man. I have memorised it as a book on how to deal with women. The title really sums it all up: be a man of steel and velvet. The steel part, we've discussed. If you are not a somewhat dangerous man, if you don't take ownership in your relation, you bet your ass she will leave you for some tatted criminal. This is Darkly Enlightened insight.

But the velvet part is what really brings it home in my opinion. Be kind. You can be a man of only steel, and your woman will stay by your side, but your marriage will be bumpy. You cannot be a man of only velvet, for your woman will leave you. But be a man of both and boom: happy wife, happy life.

To me, the velvet means listening to your wife. Yes, horrible cliche, but it's true. Women need attention like delicate flowers need water. Give her attention. Listen to what's on her mind. She's not shit-testing all the time, y'know. Sometimes, she just wants to be heard. Yes, I know, you'd rather be [insert man activity] than listen to her talk about [insert woman topic]. Often, I'd rather too, but the bible commands us to love and cherish our wives. It's just part of the deal.



I am a parent of young kids, so by no means a lifetime of experience, but I feel like I understand the gist. Again, what I'm about to say might be obvious to some, but seems like societally lost knowledge to others.

A healthy society treats its children like it treats its future: with love and care. Think of how Jesus treated children. A dying society does the opposite. Western mainstream society dislikes children. Certainly in the cities, children are seen as a nuisance, a selfish decision. I've had career women compare babies to viruses. Which is of course completely in line with Jim's emancipation-fertility hypothesis.

The Christian view tends to be the opposite: God promised Abraham that he'd have as many descendants as there were stars in the sky, and since Jesus has extended that promise to all Christians. So chances are, you'll have kids.

Most of my advice on children comes down to the following: do not delegate the care of your children to strangers. Strangers per definition not care so much about your children; just they are strange to you, your kids are strange to them. That starts as early as childbirth: if possible, do at home with a good midwife. It's a wholesome experience. Hospitals these days are unhealthy places with unhealthy treatments.

On the other hand, definitely delegate care to relatives and people close to you. It takes a village to raise children. Kids are a lot of work! The more you can get grandparents and assorted relatives to help out, the better of a time you will have. Once again, it is fashionable these days for mom to work and leave her children at a daycare for three with strangers -- do not recommend. Especially because daycare tends to be a stepping stone to four days of lower school, and later five days of middle school. If you delegate the raising of your children to strangers, do not be surprised if your child grows estranged from you.

So obviously I am in favor of homeschooling. School is at best a time-waster, at worst a state propaganda tool.

Finally, on the topic of malleability: children are not nearly as malleable as clown world makes them out to be. Kids have clear preferences, activities they like and activities they don't like. Push something too hard on your kid and it will backfire. I like the metaphor given by a guru in Avatar the last airbender. He explains, imagine yourself as a creek, flowing through different ponds. If you are healthy, the creek flows and the water is clear. But if not, the creek may be clogged in any pond.

As a parent, all you need to do is protect the flowing of your kid's creek. The rest will take care of itself.



I wish I had something optimistic to say about this. I don't. Last time I went to church the preacher told us about Putin's evil invasion in Ukraine, despite Putin building magnificent cathedral in honor of God, while our cathedrals are 'mysteriously' burning down. I would love to go to church if I thought God was there. I don't think God resides in most of Western churches. Hopefully one day we can change that.



Whelp, we have reached the absolute final ending. What is the absolute last thing I have to say? Probably, if I had to summarize everything I've written here in one word, it would be: cooperation. All this is an attempt to get us to cooperate with one another. That was Christ's message as well: be kind, go the extra mile, cooperate with other Christians. And it is that path which we wish to return to, albeit that we expand on Christ's message by saying that it is equally righteous to refuse collaboration with demon worshippers. We may love our enemies even as we put a bullet between their eyes. For that is God's will, executed through Gnon's laws, which we honor and obey, amen.